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For those wanting to have a vanilla experience on 012, here it is:

Custom Ruleset (013 Official):

  • Wallrush Damage: 50
  • Critical Damage: 400
  • Ex Force Absorption: 300
  • Ex Core Absorption: 250
  • Ex Mode Duration: 30

Rest is unchanged from official.

Recommendations (based on the KaoS ruleset): no summons, you are allowed to equip only one critical ability, Precision Jump and EXP to Ex Force extra abilities.



Have fun.

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    • By Coppola
      I have been thinking about a ruleset that can follow the official in-game option and that does not require too much effort to build such as Dissidence ruleset, for example the JP Ranked ruleset. However, one issue JP Ranked has is the lack of damage. As you know, 012 bravery damage is much lower than the original DFF, and it increases duration of matches by a lot specially if the characters involved do not have easy means of dealing HP damage such as HP link and aerial chase, neither high damage output.
      One feature JP Ranked has that makes it easier to use is a set that every character in the game can equip without abilities, the Imp set. I noticed another set with similar features, the Ancient Weapon set. It is a special set obtained inside the Labyrinth that increases damage by 40% and decreases defense by 50%, it sounds a bit scary to use on paper, but the damage does not skyrocket due to the fact it has a 67 ATK weapon (low for a LV100 weapon) and a 73 DEF shield (the highest for LV100). So I played around the accessories for a bit and made a ruleset around it. I am currently accepting suggestions for the accessory build in order to make this fine tuned. I want the final version to be called World Ranked Ruleset (WR-Ruleset), but if people do not like it, it is pointless to think that way. The ruleset I thought is as follows:
      Official In-Game Ruleset Ancient Weapon Set (Particle Beam, Tome Shield, Defense Node, Mage Mail) Summon use is banned, equipping or not is irrelevant since there is no Summon Unused accessory here (one less thing to pay attention is always good) Every Extra Basic Ability is banned except "Precision Jump" and "EXP to EX Force" abilities (reason: some characters have more access to extra CP than others) Build:

      9972 HP, 1057 Base BRV, +50% damage, -50% defense, +10% EX Force Absorption, +40% Initial EX Bar, +50% BRV Recovery
      Have fun.
      Savefile (all characters built): https://tinyurl.com/wqrtvuv
    • By Coppola
      This ruleset was created to make hitconfirms more balanced in a way. Me and Justice, the individuals that came up with this ruleset's first version, felt that high bravery builds with side by side and/or huge depletion made blocks too much rewarding and discouraged being agressive for the one who got hit by an hp attack, while a bravery attack have very little rewards (to prove that, the parameter people use in most situations to assist change out of an attack is if its hp or bravery damage).  Besides, having your assist locked can become unnecesary 15 seconds of running/camping/waiting. We wanted something different from jp ranked too, so we buffed ex through custom ruleset and damage through builds. I also thought that the critcal attack system is not balanced because of frame differences, attack position and guard breaking properties that some characters have and others dont for absolutely no reason but Square Enix being dumb.
      Now I will show the complete changelog of the Dissidence ruleset in its current version (v3). I am always up for discussions about what should be changed to make the ruleset better.
      Ruleset (values of the options when you start making a new ruleset) - The original values will be on the right
      Initial Stage Bravery - 50 (100)
      Stage Bravery Recovery Time - 100 (100)
      Banish Trap Damage - 100 (100)
      Warp Damage - 100 (100)
      Critical Hit Rate - 0 (100) - That disables crtis in EVERYTHING, including block punishes and ex burst
      Critical Damage - 100 (100)
      Ex Core Appearence Rate - 100 (100)
      Ex Core Absorption - 200 (100)
      Ex Force Absortion - 200 (100)
      Ex Mode Duration - 25 (20)
      Wall Rush Damage - 25 (25)
      Bravery Bonus - 10 (10)
      Stage Bravery - 100 (100)
      Assist Break Rate - 100 (100)
      Ex Break Rate - 0 (100)
      Assist Gauge Charge (Attack) - 100 (100) NEW - Back to version 3 values through attractorb accessory
      Assist Gauge Charge (Hit) - 400 (100) NEW - Balanced through attractorb accessory
      Assist Lock Duration - 0 (100)
      Assist Gauge Depletion Rate - 100 (100)
      Ex Damage From Assist - 200 (100)
      Ex Revenge Duration - 1 (5) NEW - You can't build massive amounts of bravery through EXR and finish with an hp
      Now, BAN EVERYTHING ELSE (summons, artefacts, bonus, equips), EXCEPT what is on the following build, makes sure people are on track when dissidence ruleset is selected
      Using reverse dash to build assist is banned.
      NEW - The only allowed extra skills are Precision types, Equipment Master types, Exp to Ex Force and Bravery Regen.
      Dissidence v4 Build Example (don't mind the lack of assist and choice of moves):

      In my tournaments I made a rule to ban top tier assist as well, but that was to give the games some fresh air and rare to see combos. That may balance something too, like reducing the rewards on assist punishing that the low tiers suffer so much. The top tier assist are: Kuja, Jecht, Yuna, Aerith, Sephiroth and Tidus.
      I made a savefile with everything set up to avoid insane work (I don't promise the best setups regarding skills):  https://tinyurl.com/yabm8b3u
      Also thinking of adding Ex Defense (DFF mechanic) and disable assist charges through codes for matches.
      Well, feel free to expose your thoughts posting here about what change you would apply, or if the ruleset is godlike/trash/whatever

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