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Guide: Equipping any LV100 Exclusive weapon for PPSSPP

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Guide to using the table

I) Load the game, load your save file and go into the main menu. Do not enter any customization menus yet.6SNFY6D.jpg

II) Using the table below, find the character and set you want to equip the Exclusive on.
As an example, i will choose Warrior of Light's Set C - And take note of the memory address (08BAFEC6).

III) Now find the Hex value of the Exclusive you want to equip on your character and set previously chosen.
As an exmaple, I will be using Garland's Exclusive, Gigant Axe - And take note of the hex value (6C01).

IV) With PPSSPP open as the active window, type "Ctrl+M", A window should pop up named "memory viewer".

V) In the goto field, type in the memory address of the Character Set you want to have the Exclusive weapon on and press Enter (In our example, it's Warrior of Light's Set C, so we type in "08BAFEC6" without parenthesis and press Enter).

VI) Without clicking anywhere else, type in the hex value of the Exclusive weapon you want to equip (In our example, it's Garland's Gigant Axe, so we type in "6C01" without parenthesis).
Once done, simply close the memory viewer, all changes will be saved automatically.

VII) Check your equipment to confirm that the weapon is equipped successfully.


Table of Character Set addresses and Exclusive weapon values

Warrior of Light

Barbarian Sword (ATK+68/DEF+10%/S.COUNTER ATK) - 6901

Set A -                 08BAFD3A

Set B -                 08BAFE00

Set C -                 08BAFEC6

Set D -                 08BAFF8C

Set E -                 08BB0052



Gigant Axe (BRV-70/ATK+70/EXF ABSORB+10%/S.ANTI EX) - 6C01

Set A -                 08BB04B2

Set B -                 08BB0578

Set C -                 08BB063E

Set D -                 08BB0703

Set E -                 08BB07CA



Wild Rose (HP-328/ATK+70/DEF-1/EXTRA HP TO BRV/S.COUNTER ATK) - 6F01

Set A -                 08BB0C2A

Set B -                 08BB0CF0

Set C -                 08BB0DB6

Set D -                 08BB0E7C

Set E -                 08BB0F42


The Emperor

Mateus's Malice (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX INTAKE+3M/S.ANTI EX) - 7201

Set A -                 08BB13A2

Set B -                 08BB1468

Set C -                 08BB152E

Set D -                 08BB15F4

Set E -                 08BB16BA


Onion Knight

Onion Sword (ATK+68/DMG+10%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 7501

Set A -                 08BB1B1A

Set B -                 08BB1BE0

Set C -                 08BB1CA2

Set D -                 08BB1D6C

Set E -                 08BB1E32


Cloud of Darkness

Everdark (BRV+39/ATK+67/BRV RECOV+100%/S.ANTI EX) - 7801

Set A -                 08BB2292

Set B -                 08BB2358

Set C -                 08BB241E

Set D -                 08BB24E4

Set E -                 08BB25AA



Lightbringer (ATK+69/DEF-1/DEF+1 AS PALADIN/S.SNEAK ATK) - 7F01

Cimmerian Edge (ATK+69/DEF-1/ATK+1 AS DK/S.COUNTER ATK) - 8001

Set A -                 08BB2A0A

Set B -                 08BB2AD0

Set C -                 08BB2B96

Set D -                 08BB2C5C

Set E -                 08BB2D22



Highwind (HP-328/ATK+70/DEF-1/AST DURATION+30%/BTTW) - B501

Set A -                 08BBA18A

Set B -                 08BBA250

Set C -                 08BBA316

Set D -                 08BBA3DC

Set E -                 08BBA4A2



Zeromus Shard (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/DMG+10%/BTTW) - 8301

Set A -                 08BB3182

Set B -                 08BB3248

Set C -                 08BB330E

Set D -                 08BB33D4

Set E -                 08BB349A



Dorgann's Blade (ATK+68/REGEN+20%/CAT NIP) - 8601

Set A -                 08BB38FA

Set B -                 08BB39C0

Set C -                 08BB3A86

Set D -                 08BB3B4C

Set E -                 08BB3C12



Enuo's Scourge (BRV+39/ATK+67/BRV ON BLOCK+10%/RIPOSTE) - 8901

Set A -                 08BB4072

Set B -                 08BB4138

Set C -                 08BB41FE

Set D -                 08BB42C4

Set E -                 08BB438A



Yoshiyuki (BRV+39/ATK+68/DEF-1/EX FORCE+10%/RIPOSTE) - B801

Set A -                 08BBA902

Set B -                 08BBA9C8

Set C -                 08BBAA8E

Set D -                 08BBAB54

Set E -                 08BBAC1A



Maduin's Horn (BRV+39/ATK+67/PHYS DEF+20%/S.COUNTER ATK) - 8C01

Set A -                 08BB47EA

Set B -                 08BB48B0

Set C -                 08BB4976

Set D -                 08BB4A3C

Set E -                 08BB4B02



Dancing Mad (BRV-40/ATK+68/DEF+1/INITIAL EX+20%/BTTW) - 8F01

Set A -                 08BB4F62

Set B -                 08BB5098

Set C -                 08BB515E

Set D -                 08BB5224

Set E -                 08BB52EA



Fenrir (ATK+69/DEF-1/WR HP DMG+20%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 9301

Set A -                 08BB56DA

Set B -                 08BB57A0

Set C -                 08BB5866

Set D -                 08BB592C

Set E -                 08BB59F2



Seventh Heaven (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/DMG+10%/S.SNEAK ATK) - BB01

Set A -                 08BBB07A

Set B -                 08BBB140

Set C -                 08BBB206

Set D -                 08BBB2CC

Set E -                 08BBB392



One-Winged Angel (BRV+39/ATK+68/DEF-1/DMG+10%/S.ANTI EX) - 9601

Set A -                 08BB5E52

Set B -                 08BB5F18

Set C -                 08BB5FDE

Set D -                 08BB60A4

Set E -                 08BB616A



Lionheart (ATK+68/EX CORE+30%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 9A01

Set A -                 08BB65CA

Set B -                 08BB6690

Set C -                 08BB6756

Set D -                 08BB681C

Set E -                 08BB68E2



Ragnarok Pistol (HP-328/BRV+79/ATK_68/DEF-1/PHYS DEF+20%/S.SNEAK ATK) - BE01

Set A -                 08BBB7F2

Set B -                 08BBB8B8

Set C -                 08BBB97E

Set D -                 08BBBA44

Set E -                 08BBBB0A



Shooting Star (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX FORCE+10%/BTTW) - 9D01

Set A -                 08BB6D42

Set B -                 08BB6E08

Set C -                 08BB6ECE

Set D -                 08BB6F94

Set E -                 08BB705A



Ozma's Splinter (ATK+67/DEF+1/BRV ON DODGE+8%/S.SNEAK ATK) - A001

Set A -                 08BB74BA

Set B -                 08BB7580

Set C -                 08BB7646

Set D -                 08BB770C

Set E -                 08BB77D2



Terra's Legacy (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX FORCE+10%/BTTW) - A301

Set A -                 08BB7C32

Set B -                 08BB7CF8

Set C -                 08BB7DBE

Set D -                 08BB7E84

Set E -                 08BB7F4A



World Champion (BRV-40/ATK+70/DEF-1/BRV ON DODGE+8%/CAT NIP) - A701

Set A -                 08BB83AA

Set B -                 08BB8470

Set C -                 08BB8536

Set D -                 08BB85FC

Set E -                 08BB86C2



Spira's Hope (BRV+39/ATK+67/EX INTAKE+3M/CAT NIP) - C101

Set A -                 08BBBF6A

Set B -                 08BBC030

Set C -                 08BBC0F6

Set D -                 08BBC1BC

Set E -                 08BBC282



Sin's Fang (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/WR BRV +50%/S.SNEAK ATK) - AA01

Set A -                 08BB8B22

Set B -                 08BB8BE8

Set C -                 08BB8CAE

Set D -                 08BB8D74

Set E -                 08BB8E3A


Claustrum (BRV+39/ATK+67/INIT BRV+40%/CAT NIP) - AD01

Set A -                 08BB929A

Set B -                 08BB9360

Set C -                 08BB9426

Set D -                 08BB94EC

Set E -                 08BB95B2



Glanzfaust (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/AST DURATION+30%/S.COUNTER ATK) - C401

Set A -                 08BBC6E2

Set B -                 08BBC7A8

Set C -                 08BBC86E

Set D -                 08BBC934

Set E -                 08BBC9FA



Zodiac Blade (ATK+68/EX CORE+30%/RIPOSTE) - C701

Set A -                 08BBCE5A

Set B -                 08BBCF20

Set C -                 08BBCFE6

Set D -                 08BBD0AC

Set E -                 08BBD172



Chaos Blade (ATK+68/EX MODE+20%/S.COUNTER ATK) - B001

Set A -                 08BB9A12

Set B -                 08BB9AD8

Set C -                 08BB9B9E

Set D -                 08BB9C64

Set E -                 08BB9D2A



Zantetsuken (ATK+68/DEF+10%/RIPOSTE) - CB01

Odin Blade (ATK+68/FAD Boost/BTTW) - CF01

Set A -                 08BBD5D2

Set B -                 08BBD698

Set C -                 08BBD75E

Set D -                 08BBD824

Set E -                 08BBD8EA

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