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Guide: Equipping same character Assists

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I) Load up your save file and go into the Main Menu, do not enter the customization menu yet.

II) Use the list below to find the Character and set that you want to equip the same Character assist on.
As an Example, i will choose Warrior of Light's Set B. Copy the Address code for set B ("08BAFE1E" Circled in red) and remember the Assist value for Warrior of Light ("01", circled in green).

III) While PPSSPP is the active window, type Ctrl+M to bring up the Memory Viewer, then paste the Address code previously copied into the "goto" search bar and press Enter.
Without clicking anywhere else, Type in the assist value code (For Warrior of Light, type "01" without parenthesis), then simply close Memory Viewer.

IV) Enter customization and check your assist to confirm if you have done everything correctly.




Warrior of Light - 01
Warrior of Light (Set A) - 08BAFD58

Warrior of Light (Set B) - 08BAFE1E

Warrior of Light (Set C) - 08BAFEE4

Warrior of Light (Set D) - 08BAFFAA

Warrior of Light (Set E) - 08BB0070


Garland - 02
Garland (Set A) - 08BB04D0

Garland (Set B) - 08BB0596

Garland (Set C) - 08BB065C

Garland (Set D) - 08BB0722

Garland (Set E) - 08BB07E8


Firion - 03
Firion (Set A) - 08BB0C48

Firion (Set B) - 08BB0D0E

Firion (Set C) - 08BB0DD4

Firion (Set D) - 08BB0E9A

Firion (Set E) - 08BB0F60


The Emperor - 04
The Emperor (Set A) - 08BB13C0

The Emperor (Set B) - 08BB1486

The Emperor (Set C) - 08BB154C

The Emperor (Set D) - 08BB1612

The Emperor (Set E) - 08BB16D8


Onion Knight - 05
Onion Knight (Set A) - 08BB1B38

Onion Knight (Set B) - 08BB1BFE

Onion Knight (Set C) - 08BB1CC4

Onion Knight (Set D) - 08BB1D8A

Onion Knight (Set E) - 08BB1E50


Cloud of Darkness - 06
Cloud of Darkness (Set A) - 08BB22B0

Cloud of Darkness (Set B) - 08BB2376

Cloud of Darkness (Set C) - 08BB243C

Cloud of Darkness (Set D) - 08BB2502

Cloud of Darkness (Set E) - 08BB25C8


Cecil - 07
Cecil (Set A) - 08BB2A28

Cecil (Set B) - 08BB2AEE

Cecil (Set C) - 08BB2BB4

Cecil (Set D) - 08BB2C7A

Cecil (Set E) - 08BB2D40


Kain - 18
Kain (Set A) - 08BBA1A8

Kain (Set B) - 08BBA26E

Kain (Set C) - 08BBA334

Kain (Set D) - 08BBA3FA

Kain (Set E) - 08BBA4C0


Golbez - 08
Golbez (Set A) - 08BB31A0

Golbez (Set B) - 08BB3266

Golbez (Set C) - 08BB332C

Golbez (Set D) - 08BB33F2

Golbez (Set E) - 08BB34B8


Bartz - 09
Bartz (Set A) - 08BB3918

Bartz (Set B) - 08BB39DE

Bartz (Set C) - 08BB3AA4

Bartz (Set D) - 08BB3B6A

Bartz (Set E) - 08BB3C30


Exdeath - 0A
Exdeath (Set A) - 08BB4090

Exdeath (Set B) - 08BB4156

Exdeath (Set C) - 08BB421C

Exdeath (Set D) - 08BB42E2

Exdeath (Set E) - 08BB43A8


Gilgamesh - 19
Gilgamesh (Set A) - 08BBA920

Gilgamesh (Set B) - 08BBA9E6

Gilgamesh (Set C) - 08BBAAAC

Gilgamesh (Set D) - 08BBAB72

Gilgamesh (Set E) - 08BBAC38


Terra - 0B
Terra (Set A) - 08BB4808

Terra (Set B) - 08BB48CE

Terra (Set C) - 08BB4994

Terra (Set D) - 08BB4A5A

Terra (Set E) - 08BB4B20


Kefka - 0C
Kefka (Set A) - 08BB4F80

Kefka (Set B) - 08BB5046

Kefka (Set C) - 08BB510C

Kefka (Set D) - 08BB51D2

Kefka (Set E) - 08BB5298


Cloud - 0D
Cloud (Set A) - 08BB56F8

Cloud (Set B) - 08BB57BE

Cloud (Set C) - 08BB5884

Cloud (Set D) - 08BB594A

Cloud (Set E) - 08BB5A10


Tifa - 1A
Tifa (Set A) - 08BBB098

Tifa (Set B) - 08BBB15E

Tifa (Set C) - 08BBB224

Tifa (Set D) - 08BBB2EA

Tifa (Set E) - 08BBB3B0


Sephiroth - 0E
Sephiroth (Set A) - 08BB5E70

Sephiroth (Set B) - 08BB5F36

Sephiroth (Set C) - 08BB5FFC

Sephiroth (Set D) - 08BB60C2

Sephiroth (Set E) - 08BB6188


Squall - 0F
Squall (Set A) - 08BB65E8

Squall (Set B) - 08BB66AE

Squall (Set C) - 08BB6774

Squall (Set D) - 08BB683A

Squall (Set E) - 08BB6900


Laguna - 1B
Laguna (Set A) - 08BBB810

Laguna (Set B) - 08BBB8D6

Laguna (Set C) - 08BBB99C

Laguna (Set D) - 08BBBA62

Laguna (Set E) - 08BBBB28


Ultimecia - 10
Ultimecia (Set A) - 08BB6D60

Ultimecia (Set B) - 08BB6E26

Ultimecia (Set C) - 08BB6EEC

Ultimecia (Set D) - 08BB6FB2

Ultimecia (Set E) - 08BB7078


Zidane - 11
Zidane (Set A) - 08BB74D8

Zidane (Set B) - 08BB759E

Zidane (Set C) - 08BB7664

Zidane (Set D) - 08BB772A

Zidane (Set E) - 08BB77F0


Kuja - 12
Kuja (Set A) - 08BB7C50

Kuja (Set B) - 08BB7D16

Kuja (Set C) - 08BB7DDC

Kuja (Set D) - 08BB7EA2

Kuja (Set E) - 08BB7F68


Tidus - 13
Tidus (Set A) - 08BB83C8

Tidus (Set B) - 08BB848E

Tidus (Set C) - 08BB8554

Tidus (Set D) - 08BB861A

Tidus (Set E) - 08BB86E0


Yuna - 1C
Yuna (Set A) - 08BBBF88

Yuna (Set B) - 08BBC04E

Yuna (Set C) - 08BBC114

Yuna (Set D) - 08BBC1DA

Yuna (Set E) - 08BBC2A0


Jecht - 14
Jecht (Set A) - 08BB8B40

Jecht (Set B) - 08BB8C06

Jecht (Set C) - 08BB8CCC

Jecht (Set D) - 08BB8D92

Jecht (Set E) - 08BB8E58


Shantotto - 15
Shantotto (Set A) - 08BB92B8

Shantotto (Set B) - 08BB937E

Shantotto (Set C) - 08BB9444

Shantotto (Set D) - 08BB950A

Shantotto (Set E) - 08BB95D0


Prishe - 1D
Prishe (Set A) - 08BBC700

Prishe (Set B) - 08BBC7C6

Prishe (Set C) - 08BBC88C

Prishe (Set D) - 08BBC952

Prishe (Set E) - 08BBCA18


Gabranth - 16
Gabranth (Set A) - 08BB9A30

Gabranth (Set B) - 08BB9AF6

Gabranth (Set C) - 08BB9BBC

Gabranth (Set D) - 08BB9C82

Gabranth (Set E) - 08BB9D48


Vaan - 1E
Vaan (Set A) - 08BBCE78

Vaan (Set B) - 08BBCF3E

Vaan (Set C) - 08BBD004

Vaan (Set D) - 08BBD0CA

Vaan (Set E) - 08BBD190


Lightning - 1F
Lightning (Set A) - 08BBD5F0

Lightning (Set B) - 08BBD6B6

Lightning (Set C) - 08BBD77C

Lightning (Set D) - 08BBD842

Lightning (Set E) - 08BBD908


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