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Duck Dynasty Conclusion & Thanks

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Supreme Champion: Muggshotter
Worthy Adversary: Wheelz
Maybe Next Time: Mogstache


         So after much [R]Ducking[F], deportation of illegal immigrants and other drama, the Bash Brothas Duck Dynasty tournament comes to a close. The EU bois came out strong in this tournament, Muggshotter took first place with his excellent and stylish Jecht gameplay destroying everyone in his way even that bad little elf girl. Congratulations Muggshotter! Your hard work and dedication to Jecht really paid off. Then we have me in that silver spot after many years of Dissidia I finally get a top spot in a major, not the spot I wanted to be in, but I came up short this time. Now the second EU boi Mogstache comes in with the bronze can with his very unique play style with Lightning and Squall that gained many fans throughout his amazing run in the losers bracket, very impressive Mogstache and we hope to see more of you next time!


         Very special thanks to all of you that joined and made this tournament possible couldn't have done it without the interest of you guys. Special shout outs to @xffixbmlx , @DZ_ , @xXxBlakkLitexXx  and @Yunoa for helping me organize, TO and help prepare me for the tournament as well. Winners give a special thanks to our admin Hyne who will take care of signatures for our winners, when they are done they will be posted on this thread. Thanks you all for participating and this marks the end of our Quakk Dynasty.





Final Bracket: http://dissidiacommunity.challonge.com/DuckDynasty

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Suuuuper late on the response but I wanted to thank everybody who joined and congratulate Muggs on first place. Getting that top spot is no easy task my friend, well done.  Exceptional play from Wheelz and Mogstache as well.

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