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    Hallo everyone is been a while, since the last 2 years i have to quit mod for the job. Well, i back to share my mods (for most my old stuff). The list are: -Bahamut (FF13-2) = Garland -Bhunivelze (FF13 LR) = Emperor -Snow (FF13 LR) = Squall -Shiva-Nix (FF13) = Prishe -Shiva-Stiria (FF13) = Tifa -Alto Angelo (DMC4) = WoL -Bianco Angelo (DMC4) = Kain -Sora (hack Versus) = Zidane -Balder (hack Versus) = Squall -Bahamut Fury (FF7 CC) = F.Chaos -Shiva (FF Type 0) = Prishe -Setzer (KH2) = Sephiroth -Reks (FF12) = Cecil Everything is on my YT channel, if anyone ask why not put the link on my thread? Well, in the beginning i want to make a content for gaming, and i want to continue my project again right now. Thank you very much for anyone that support me and i'm really sorry if there is my mistake and something is not according to expectations. If you want to download my mods, you can visit my channel: Thank you very much! 🙂
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    Hi everyone. Well,since old forum has down and i think i will share some of my old mods (Not promising new mods). I didn't upload all, but one by one. Because i upload it too in YouTube: Nyx The Maternal Being Basch Fon Ronsenburg Izanami Prince Rasler Geist Alucard Sypha Belnades Thanks for visiting my thread. :)
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    I have this error when i want to convert to GMO (from "OriginalDissidiaModel" to "YourNewModel"), i never had this error before. Can anybody help me please.
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    Nope (Uncertain if that response is snarky or sincere). Which is exactly why I'm asking. I'm not one to stand still simply because I can't find anything on a subject of interest. That said, I don't know if this is the right place to post for this, but please feel free to correct me if I'm crossing any lines I'm not supposed to. It's not necessary to chase me with pitchforks and torches because I'd gladly comply with any rule / penalty that may result from the nature of this post. I did some amateur 3D ripping way back in 2009 / 2010 (Kingdom Hearts, the first Dissidia, the early Arkham games). Interested to get back into it again. I currently am attempting to grab a few choice models from Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. My intention is to use a couple of their chibi style 3D character models (that are not already available from the older Dissidia Games) as a template for modelling and rigging a full sized character version of my own. After watching this tut, I've been stumbling my way around testing with different versions of the Nox emulator and Ninja Ripper and Noesis. So far where I'm at: DFFOO will run properly ONLY on an Android 5.1.1 emulator created via Nox's Multi Instance Manager The tutorial states that the Ninja ripper method will work only SPECIFICALLY for Nox 3.8.1 When I go ahead and run Ninja Ripper on the Nox Android 5.1.1 anyway - I am successfully able to see the DDS files, and even the mesh files. Unfortunately, for some weird reason, the 3D geometry is being flattened into a plane shape, that follows the UV mapping of its corresponding 2D texture. I tested the same steps above with a different game (Marvel Contest of Champions), but instead of a flat plane, the characters are being crushed into a perfect sphere. I haven't been able to move beyond this point in 2 weeks. Even if the rip wont include the rigging information, I can work with the 3D geometry regardless of whether or not it is in a default T stance or pose. But yeah, getting a flat mesh will not do at all. 😞 I've tried using 3D Ripper DX but it wont work with Nox. Does anyone have any suggestion / advice on what I should do next? Thanks (Image shows Nox's emulator version for android + the flattened mesh in both texture display and wireframe view)
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    What can I say... Where do I start... ? I think the whole point of modding this game was lost in translation. Not only with the original forums going offline for reasons I still have no idea about, but also due to the original team of modders moving on to completely different projects (myself included). For me, the main point has never been the creation of the mods themselves, but reverse engineering the game’s engine and file formats, as well as coding the right tools to allow their creation. The final mods can then be made by people with the right artistic skills (modeling, skinning, animating… skills that I completely lack), which were instrumental during the analysis stage as well: 2playerwins was the artist who worked on models specifically tailored to the requirements of each test. In fact going back and forth with his models was really interesting as we would learn something new and exciting each time. I think that’s why the original forums were created: to host a community effort in order to understand the game’s mechanics and modify them in a creative way. This, however, was never the case: as soon as I released the very first form of modification tools (which allowed texture edition in the original Dissidia), “private” mods started showing up on the Internet. While I didn’t really care (my work was already done and those mods offered nothing new compared to what my tools were capable of producing), many user who didn’t know how to create their own mods were really pissed. I can understand that: bragging about stuff you made using collaborative tools and not sharing is not nice… Even worse, is the fact that I can’t even consider those mods are actually “made” by modders. Think about it this way: - How many modders understand the 32 to 8 bit color indexation in the game’s textures? - How many of them can explain the self-describing scheme of vertex and transformation data of the GMO format? - What about the 4 bit ADPCM compression of sound samples in battlequotes? Or the packing scheme of SSCD files? - Don’t forget the rotative XOR-based encryption in text files. - Oh yeah, there is the CRC32 based naming of filesystem entries as well. And those are only a few of the challenges that we had to overcome to make modding possible. In fact I do think some of them are completely lost by now (is anyone even making text or character voice mods anymore?). My point is, when it comes to explaining how mods work, the concepts involved require specific technical background that takes many years to master. THEN, you can work on modding tools, as you’ll understand how they work. The same is applicable to the artistic side of the process: even if you only want to use the already available tools, you’ll need to be an already trained graphic artist. Learning about modeling and skinning, so you can mod Dissidia, is like building a house starting from the rooftop. And it’s not fair to expect anyone to make a tutorial on that. Those processed are not exclusive to modding this game, and are expected from anyone that wants to create his/her own mods. Granted, I know some very dedicated fans who did learn about 3D just for this, but that requires a much bigger effort… and specially not quitting in the middle of the process… XD. Now MageMasher has a point and it’s one of the things that made me move on to different projects. At one point it felt like I was working so other people could brag about work they wouldn’t share (and that, as I explained, weren’t even really “made by themselves”, at all). I felt my time worth more than that. I don’t know how active is this new “community” (as I can gather… not much), but it’s a shame it’s in this state, given how much potential I see in the involved coders and artists (I still don’t see why don’t we make a game instead of modding the same one so many times). Regards, ~Sky
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    Since u're subs and very nice, i'll tell u the char for the next mods. Hope u like it! ☺️
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    Question, is there a similar such tool for Opera Omnia?
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    I dunno about modding but I think this is where you can download models https://www.models-resource.com/nintendo_switch/supersmashbrosultimate/
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    Sneak peek, yes Im excited for next upload😁
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    So I've gotten quite a few comments on my old mod videos on YouTube about people wanting links to my mods. After finding out that dissidiaforums got deleted in 2014 shortly after I left the mod scene and people still interested in my mods I've decided to reupload them here for you all to enjoy. I will also try to upload other mods that I can find on my laptop. Themed Characters (Not mine) Custom Stage Mods Themed Stage Mods
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    Hello all, I used to go by Raine816 on the old DissidiaForum, I did some digging in my old laptop and came across my old Mods from there and thought I'd reshare them for you all. They may be a bit buggy as some were pre-finish build release and were lost in the purge. Never the less I hope you guys enjoy. Here's a list of the mods and base characters: Model Imports Paine (FFX-2 Model) - Lightning Paine - Full Throttle (FFX-2 Model) - (Lightning I think?) Rikku (FFX-2 Model) - Prishe Calintz (Magna Carta: Tears of Blood) - Sephiroth Shaman King Project Yoh Asakura - Warrior of Light 3 versions Tao Ren - 2 versions Lyserg Dithel 2 versions Custom Quests Newcomer - 10 Episode Quest Series They make use of a Noctis mod in Cloud's DLC2 slot iirc (sorry its been several years) Mods Download Link Quests Download Link If you have any questions feel free to reach out. - RaineKugami
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    Glad to know your mod still exist. much appreciated
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    I was figuring this stuff on my own recently, and ended up porting a headless model with some messed up attack animations, so I decided to go here instead to seek guidance. But I didn't expect to see this... And It definitely helped me fix those two issues! So thank you so much! It really made my day! But, the game tends to crash if I am playing against almost every character except Tifa or Lightning (Normal outift), and I don't know if it is because that I converted the model straight to .FBX from Milkshape 3D (That is what I did before knowing about this + copying the motion text from the base character to my custom character. I tried using your steps by converting the .SMD model in Noesis to .FBX, but FBXConv doesn't want to convert it, for some reasons) Or it is something else...
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    I have several MODs that i have collected from the other Forum, so i decided share with you this collection. link for the my GoogleDrive Folder -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bXzNqtvaEk6-mdxdCIg-8e38hlDNHXNz / I used the DLC-Tool-Kit for generate several DLCs, swapping the MODs on the DLC's numbers according my preferences. The slots used are in the text file on the folder. The authors i don't remember everybody, but i remember of Skybladecloud, agl89, SatoshiKura, Deraj8, 2playerwins and many others.. so, the every credits for the hard work are their.
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    Since the old dissida forums is shut down and many mods have been delete or cant be found + recover , I upload my DLC folder made by dissDLCToolKit from years ago. This folder has many mods i download and put in my PSP/GAME contain : + KH Mods : Sora , Roxas , Riku , Kairi-Namine , Mickey , all members of OGXIII , KHBBS trio ... + FF Mods : Angeal , Genesis , Vincent Valentine , Zack Fair, Seymour Gado , Lulu , Wakka , Yuna White+Black Mages + Songtress Costume , Zell ,Rinoa, Seifer... + FF Type-0 : Almost Class Zero char + some other ( Cid , Kurasame , Caetuna ... ) + Misc Mods : Hatsune Miku , Tokisaki Kurumi , Kirito + Asuna ... + BGM : track + OST from FF ,KH , Persona , DAL ... ( You can see the name of song by view the readme.txt file in BGM Slot Folder ) ( Notes : Sorry if this mods made by you and i don't credits the name of the creator because i can't remember >.< ) You can easily check the entry slot or Player object entry edat file by click the readme.text in the Mod folder . Wish this help you if you are desperately searching for the old mods that cant be found . Here are the link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LVSfsDOIVeKhQpEzigNynCjsKYUW_5Wv/view P/s : Sorry for my bad English ( It's not my mother language btw ) . Have a nice day !
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    Hey guys, just thought I'd post some thoughts on what to do with the future of Dissidia. I suggest, in order to spice the scene up in the face of the new Smash Bros., why not use Enix IP to hype the scene? Think of how rave the Fire Emblem characters are in that game. Why can't we get a bonus DLC with some Enix characters? Allow me to start things off in a list format and list some marketable pros and cons to the idea. Please note ALL of these idea's should be known as covered under the GNU free use licensing whatevers (Just take it that I will buy this game if it included such a roster, and won't if it don't, respectably so as an FGC buff). 1) Ark - Well rounded character, staff/fauchard/magic user, can't fly but it can be ignored (IMO) if he must. 2) Cyrus - I believe that's his name, he's the Dark Knight upgrade Will gets in the first dungeon of Illusion of Gaia. Magic user, swordsman, chivalrous, &c. 3) Tanzra - Never played Actraiser, but the idea of Tanzra really appeals to me. Not just because I figured a final enemy should be listed here (Swap for whoever, Dark Gaia from Terranigma, whatever). 4) Royd/Fyda - I think it would be neat if they showed up because they're kinda similar to other fighters in the game, but I'm listing them together because I think it would be a cool mix-up mechanic if one of them was active, one passively taking commands, being able to die while the other still lives (Perhaps both have low health, the other takes over when the main dies, how have you). They're also great strategists, and their death in the game should receive some credit, IMO, in Dissidia. Pros: - Revival of IP is hype AF - Revival of THIS IP is hype AF - All of these games (Except for Terranigma, it got it's limelight through the underground emulation scene, hint hint SquareEnix (Re-release it all!!!!)) are critically received and are still worth over $100 CDN at some hock shops (Not to mention online) - People will buy DLC more than boycott it, a fact for ALL games running the new DLC setups. - Gaming is huge (Obvious) - People like games, and they love nostalgia even more (Akuma players were SO happy when he got released in SFV, shoto-protesters were annoyed but it didn't hurt Akuma PERIOD). - Most if not all SFV characters have nostalgia costumes, and those sell well Cons: - Perhaps difficult to flush in gameplay with character design (Tanzra might be complicated, there are other Enix final baddies *cough* Dark Gaia from Terranigma *cough*) - Terranigma might not be the best choice to focus on for nostalgia (AMAZING game, won't buy Dissidia without one of the main characters, too busy with DBFZ) - Some DLC gets protested (Depending on the price of DLC, some people REALLY gripe, I suggest in game currency purchases should help like it did with SFV) - You can save money and keep your margin if not interested (But something tells me you actually need a very good idea like this to fund a future project struggling to get some cash flow, hopefully they read this!) So all in all, these are MY suggestions, like I said never played Actraiser but I know there's some here who have been waiting for this forever. All my suggestions are GNU covered, I think I have to put the actual disclaimer but honestly, if you know where to find an example free to use license, just pretend it's here lol, I just don't know how to insert it properly (Legally). PLEASE use this info for free, it's basically common sense, and an interesting idea that will only profit you if the chosen characters are hype. It would be a good idea to compare the efforts of OCRemix as well as the game sales data to REALLY see what's more popular in 2018. I mean hell, if it weren't for the founder flopping out (Excuse me, tentatively on hiatus), the Terranigma OCRemix project would be just as popular as the Super Mario RPG project. Not even close to the FF projects, but then again, Dissidia happened, so you're covered :)
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    Hey, new guy here. 32 year old Canadian FGC buff, currently undertaking a tech development project for DBFZ (Link below, contact me if you want to help). I really, really LOVE the concept for this game. I can't wait to fight as Kefka, I really appreciate that as FF3 is the only FF game I've gone so close to the end only to get distracted by other stuff and become less interested. I got all the characters by exploration (And by finding out online that there were more than the obvious to get characters, I just ignored the FAQ lol), and really loved the story. Also, on a side note, I absolutely LOVE the Soul Blazer series, beat Terranigma all the way (Less of a fan for the originals, the story is a little bit les than deep in Soul Blazer, and kinda rushed in Illusion of Gaia) many many times. Anyway, here's the link to my project. Seemingly all I can do is post raw video on OneDrive through the Xbox One, but I'll try to get a compilation video up on YT for Christmas day (Like I said, all the help I can get the better!). So...: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Amsa5D_WNvndbZC7c6ZYi-NGlBA Hopefully the link works, it's an Microsoft shortlink (Better than the long link, trust me). I'm on BlackBerry so they won't let me connect to even check to see if I did it right (Lol BlackBerry has it's perks, but the cons are obvious, not being near a terminal sucks too). It is incomplete, so bookmark and refresh once a day if interested. God bless!
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    I actually knew about this site for a few months. I just didn't bother with it until now lol. Back when I was making stages I used both the European and American versions of the game so some of the stage numbers might be mixed up. Sorry about that Thanks!
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    Update: Added characters and custom stages
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    A new mod on page 1. :)
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    I'm just going to throw out a couple of loose thoughts here and see what everyone's response is... We don't know if Square is going to host any sort of championship series, so if we want to make sure we are the main tournament hub and are taken seriously, we need to have an infrastructure in place and ready before the game releases. Otherwise we run the risk of like...FF Peasants or that FB group being seen as the go-to place to play Dissidia, and then our game will never be taken seriously by the wider tournament community. So, leading up to release, I think we should be prepared to launch the first tournament season or a Dissidia League. Something that will be structured and ongoing that gives the community a sense of legitimacy, direction, and ranking. To further that end, one idea I had was the encouragement of crews. Dissidia is a 3v3 game, so even if we only hold Dissidia Community tournaments once or twice a month, or even less, making sure your whole team is available on a certain day(s) can potentially be a big problem for a lot of people. So I was thinking that if players participated in crews of 6-10 players, we could alleviate that problem a bit. I'll use TNB as an example to illustrate. Let's say Dragon, Chandela and I enter the season as a team(call us TNB | DCL). We play two tournaments together, but Chandela is unavailable for the third. Within the crew rules, we would be able to sub in Dimitri and still keep our title as DCL and have our performance count towards DCL's ranking. This helps avoid having to keep individual player rankings(though you still could) and allows us to handle seeding in the normal fashion. So, say Dimitri is part of TNB | PDD (Poiman, Dimitri, DJ). When he played with us, it would have no bearing on his base team. That's why I suggested 6-10 players. That way, with at least 6, no one would ever have to just sit out for lack of enough members in the crew. As it's extremely likely that everyone won't be available every weekend, I think it is a system that could work. Finally, any given team would need to play more games than not with it's complete original roster. Meaning if I played one tournament with DCL, but had to play the next three tournaments with subs, it wouldn't make sense for DCL to receive ranking credit for those wins. The overall result would be a hard ranking per static team, just like if we were all single participants, and a sort of "soft ranking" by crew for use where applicable. You could still participate as a static team without a crew, but you'd have to deal with circumstances that could otherwise be mitigated. So with this system, seeding would look something like: Known Static Teams Known Crews Teams with no results. That took longer than I thought to explain, so I'll end it there. Please share what you think, add suggestions, ridicule me endlessly. After this gets some feedback I'll make another post. I have a bunch of topics to cover. (P.S. To the members of TNB, I understand that this changes the idea of crews from us having a good time, to something that holds more importance, so I understand if you don't want anything to do with it.)
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    End - Could you insert images of what each of the rankings look like? I may be able to help you with keeping track of certain player/chars' ranks, however I can't read a word of JP.
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    Just another note - you can also see your own IP on the ZeroTier program, though you will not be able to copy-paste. I've circled it here for easy reference: Edit - I think I've found why ZTO doesn't work with firewall on. Earlier I checked the exception for it, and found it is by default set to block Edge Traversal...I changed it to allow all, and just had a session tonight with 3 diff ppl and no issues despite my firewall being ON. Explanation: Most personal ISPs use Network Address Translation - in other words w/e IP you see on ipconfig is a private address, websites you go to will see something else. It's primarily used to allow multiple PCs in your home to ultimately share the same IP, else IPv4 would've run out of address space long ago. Edge Traversal = allows ppl on the internet to communicate with your PC through this, without it, ZTO on other end would only be able to get to your router. Anyways, tl;dr = here's how you configure it, if you don't want to have to keep shutting firewall off: Edit2: After some testing with JoyRaines, it appears Edge Traversal may NOT be the issue, but network location. My firewall exception got reset to "block edge traversal" at some point, I found we could still connect with me hosting, however when I changed the network location to "public", he got a long whitescreen -> hangs on "connecting to lobby" when trying to enter Corn. After I changed location back to "home" and had him reset, connection successful. I also tested with DMZ off, DMZ on, no changes here. Having JoyRaines host did not work however...Windows 10 may have issues here; first it would not allow him to change ZTO's location without re-installing it...I had him do that, and set it to "private", and he still could not host; I got the same long whitescreen->stuck on "connecting to lobby" when trying to enter Corn. We tried having him allow Edge Traversal, uninstall Hamachi, reboot PC, and could not get it to work with him hosting. 12/26 update - JoyRaines found the issue he was having in this scenario. Make sure you have a firewall exception for adhocserver.exe as well, he found this -> enable inbound rule to allow it, says he can now host with firewall on.

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