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  1. sleight_asteeg

    sleight's vids

  2. sleight_asteeg

    sleight's vids

  3. sleight_asteeg

    sleight's vids

    Facebook my friend.
  4. sleight_asteeg

    sleight's vids

    Yup. Playin only during office hours though. Can't play at home. too many chores.
  5. sleight_asteeg

    sleight's vids

    Dissidence Ruleset
  6. sleight_asteeg

    Dissidence Ruleset (version 4) - 23/06

    interesting ruleset. it changes your mindset on how to to use/counter an assist. Been using this ruleset already.
  7. sleight_asteeg

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    I'm sleight from the Philippines. Just got back from a 1 yr hiatus. I main Zidane. My favorite ruleset is JP ranked. I hate chase. We play Dissidence ruleset now here in our country.

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