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  1. You know what, a rebalanced remake of Duodecim would be great. I would be happy with that, evevn if it were to be exclusive to PS Vita/PS TV. They could rebalance the game's more imbalanced aspects and movesets, add in the option to set a match timer in PVP, and add online (P2P would be good enough) matchmaking that defaults to the "Official (Skill)" ruleset. The emulator mods have already shown that Duodecm can look great with graphics/texture mods, so an official graphical update wouldn't be very difficult for a company with as many resources as SqEnix.
  2. Sadly, from a business standpoint, if NT does well then SqEnix will take that as supporting data that the new 3v3 focus was the right choice for more than just the Japanese arcade crowd. All that would do is practically guarantee that eny future entries will be more similar to NT than Duodecim. They have absolutely no reason to even consider doing a sequel that feels more like Duodecim unless those of us who want that are loud enough and MAKE SqEnix hear us. And, even then, the chances of getting what we want are very low. Its a lose-lose situation, for those of us who want something that feels like the natural evolution of Duodecim. Our only choices are to either accept and support the new direction, for the sake of supporting the Dissidia name, or remove our support for the newest entry in a series we loved. Honestly, with the way FF15 was originally received (before all the DLC content and updates filled out the experience), FF14 being a monthly subscription MMO (which I can't get my money's worth in, due to life and fluctuating monthly amounts of gaming time), and KH3 being in development for so long, the last several years of SqEnix has been mostly disappointments for me. I probably will be second-guessing purchasing any of their products from now on. At this point, if I ever buy Nier Automata or Star Ocean 5, it'll be used, so that they won't get my money. They're gonna have to earn me back, either by Kingdom Hearts 3 being absolutely amazing, releasing a sequel to Duodecim in feel just as much as in name, or adding more Duodecim elements into NT's 1v1 mode as well as 1v1 matchmaking.
  3. At the same time, buying NT only tells SqEnix that the game's new direction/focus is what every buyer wanted or is okay with. Therefore, people like me, who don't like the new direction (as a Dissidia game) are put in a catch 22 lose-lose scenario. We buy the game to support the Dissidia name and give SqEnix the false idea that we want 3v3 and simplified individual gameplay, or refuse to buy it and potentially hurt our chances of getting another Dissidia game, which will most likely not go back to 1v1 anyway. Its true helplessness, as a fan of something you love, and something that those who like NT can't possibly understand nor have any right to speak on, unless they've been in the same situation with a different franchise altogether (which doesn't often happen, as most franchises remain largely the same and encrementally evolve rather than going through drastic changes in focus). Its just really unfortunate that SqEnix had to divide the Dissidia fanbase with their design decisions for NT. Its very reminiscent of the situation with Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl/Sm4sh. A community divided in order to gain new ones from a different type of crowd, who may not have payed the previous entries any mind (or may not have even been alive at the time). It can make the long-time fans, like myself, who have loved the series since its inception (and for many of the aspects that were removed in NT) feel like our endless hours spent on the games, and the passion we had for the series, is rewarded with nothing but betrayal and being forsaken if we don't cast aside any wishes for the things we loved Dissidia for. And on top of that, the reactions that fans like me inevitably receive, from those who like the new direction (whether they be old fans or not) practically says that if we don't accept the new direction and follow the crowd, then we don't matter, our opinions don't matter, and our only other choice is to shut up and go back to our "dead game". Its the worst situation for a fan to be in, and SqEnix forced it upon us. It could have been so easily avoided if they had made just NT under a completely different title, as its own Final Fantasy spin-off, and then either let Dissidia rest or made a true sequel to Duodecim as a natural evolution rather than a complete focus change.
  4. (Disclaimer: This isn't about hating NT. Its about making SqEnix see that there are a lot of fans who don't want to be ignored. Reasonable, right?) Yes, Dissidia NT is what it is, and no amount of complaining can change that. However, not everyone is happy with the way NT turned out. In fact, I've seen more people than I can count thus far, who are as disappointed as I am by the drastically different direction that NT took from what was already established. Even so, there's no point in being hateful towards those who like NT as it is, nor should any NT fans be hateful to those who voice their dislike for the game. "To each their own." But that doesn't mean that those of us who wanted a sequel to the previous two Dissidia titles (in feel and focus) have to just roll over in the dirt and be silent with our wishes for the sake of not triggering NT fans. If you were disappointed by Square Enix's decisions, regarding NT, be vocal about it in streams, forums, and any other Dissidia/Square Enix channels. Don't buy NT. Instead buy Duodecim on PSP/PS Vita/PS TV, if you don't already have it, and use PS3 to buy/transfer the add-on content. SqEnix has community managers and other Western employees who see fan feedback and relay that to the Japanese branch as well as the PSN purchase data for the older titles. The louder we are, and the more we vote with our wallets, the more likely they may notice that there IS notable demand for a true Duodecim sequel. Pro-NT people may not like it, they may flame you and try to silence you for having a differing opinion from them. But that shouldn't stop you from excercising your right to your own opinion. They are getting their game, so they shouldn't try to stop us from attempting to get ours. If we never speak up about our thoughts, and what we wanted out of a Dissidia sequel, we'll never have any chance of getting that game and our only course of action will be to ignore NT and play the old PSP games (which will never be updated or supported by SqEnix).
  5. I know I'm not the only person who is dissastisfied with, disappointed/let down by, disgruntled, or otherwise feeling left in the dirt by the new direction they went in for NT. Whether it be that you think it doesn't feel like a Dissidia game, are not a fan of team-based arena fighters, think that making a 1v1 game (established through 2 entries) into a 3v3 game was a mistake, or just don't subscribe to the trend of trying to make games into easy-to-play accessible esports titles, there are many of us who aren't happy with NT. Some may try to silence us and tell us that our opinion doesn't matter because we are the minority, but as fans who love Dissidia, our opinion DOES matter just as much as that of pre-existing fans who are okay with the changes. Yes, NT is what it is and there's no changing that. I don't have to be content with it nor do I have to enjoy NT, and nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise, but I can admit that the gameplay style of NT is set in stone as of 2 years ago and there's no changing it. Especially due to the fact that its catered to the Japanese arcade scene much more than the fans of the PSP entries' style. Those who enjoy NT can enjoy it until they can play no more, grow tired of it, it eventually dies down, or is overshadowed by other esports games (how quickly that will be depends on how long people are content playing/watching a game with restricted individual player ability for the sake of fair 3v3, usually seen as a bad thing to fans of fighters and arena fighters). But that shouldn't mean that we who want the "Dissidia" style gameplay, of the past two entries, should just shut up and never get the sequel that we want. So, on to the purpose of this post: I'm posting this to see if there's any ideas on how we can get Square Enix to hear that that there are no small amount of people who want a new game that feels like the tried and true Dissidia of the PSP. There has to be some way to get the concept through their thick skulls. Personally, I'd even be happy with a PS Vita exclusive Dissidia 3, as long as it is compatible with PS Vita TV and has netplay.
  6. I was a huge fan of the Advent Children movie. Then, after learning that a game was about to release, that had action similar to AC, I started to look into it. I remember looking up Dissidia trailers and gameplay videos with my brother on GameTrailers, including one very funny instance of accidentally layering duplicates of the Bartz' vs Exdeath cutscene with a slight delay. The game looked so cool that it convinced me to buy the silver PSP bundled with Dissidia and the Advent Children UMD, which I still have to this day (still operational). Once I started playing it, I fell in love, and it actually acted as my gateway to play more Final Fantasy games, since I had only had a minimal amount of exposure to older FF titles via emulators. I also eventually bought my brother a PSP and his own copy of Dissidia. We played against each other several times every week. As 012 Duodecim released, I immediately jumped on it day one and loved it more than the original. The gameplay had been fine-tuned, and the aadded characters were great. Especially Lightning and Tifa, who became two of my most used characters, next to Squal, WoL, and Tidus. My brother and I, as well as 2 of our friends, would play it every time we hung out, my brother and I continuing to play against each other at least a time or two every week. Eventually, we moved on to the Vita, but would rebuy Duodecim digitally, to play from time to time. With the impending release of NT, and my disappointment with the very different direction it has taken from pre-established "Dissidia", I am going to pick Duodecim back up to quell this betrayal I feel from Square Enix. I even regret buying Final Fantasy 15, a bit. I'll probably finish 15 eventually, but only after my disdain for SqEnix dies down. I just find it sad that they would take the series in such a drastically different direction, saying "screw you" to those of us who wanted a sequel to what what was already established across two entries for some aspirations of esports grandeure. They really shoud've given NT some non-Dissidia title (is suggest Manipulus or Equitus, latin words that have to do with "teamwork") and eventually made a Dissidia sequel that actually feels like previous Dissidia. So, at the end of the day, I'm a long-time, passionate (and now somewhat disgruntled) fan who's love and passion for the series has been rewarded by being left in the dirt, given a game that doesn't feel like Dissidia to me, and met with no choice but to miss the series that I put thousands of hours into during my teenage years and play the old entries.

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