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  1. I) Load up your save file and go into the Main Menu, do not enter the customization menu yet. II) Use the list below to find the Character and set that you want to equip the same Character assist on. As an Example, i will choose Warrior of Light's Set B. Copy the Address code for set B ("08BAFE1E" Circled in red) and remember the Assist value for Warrior of Light ("01", circled in green). III) While PPSSPP is the active window, type Ctrl+M to bring up the Memory Viewer, then paste the Address code previously copied into the "goto" search bar and press Enter. Without clicking anywhere else, Type in the assist value code (For Warrior of Light, type "01" without parenthesis), then simply close Memory Viewer. IV) Enter customization and check your assist to confirm if you have done everything correctly. Warrior of Light - 01 Warrior of Light (Set A) - 08BAFD58 Warrior of Light (Set B) - 08BAFE1E Warrior of Light (Set C) - 08BAFEE4 Warrior of Light (Set D) - 08BAFFAA Warrior of Light (Set E) - 08BB0070 Garland - 02 Garland (Set A) - 08BB04D0 Garland (Set B) - 08BB0596 Garland (Set C) - 08BB065C Garland (Set D) - 08BB0722 Garland (Set E) - 08BB07E8 Firion - 03 Firion (Set A) - 08BB0C48 Firion (Set B) - 08BB0D0E Firion (Set C) - 08BB0DD4 Firion (Set D) - 08BB0E9A Firion (Set E) - 08BB0F60 The Emperor - 04 The Emperor (Set A) - 08BB13C0 The Emperor (Set B) - 08BB1486 The Emperor (Set C) - 08BB154C The Emperor (Set D) - 08BB1612 The Emperor (Set E) - 08BB16D8 Onion Knight - 05 Onion Knight (Set A) - 08BB1B38 Onion Knight (Set B) - 08BB1BFE Onion Knight (Set C) - 08BB1CC4 Onion Knight (Set D) - 08BB1D8A Onion Knight (Set E) - 08BB1E50 Cloud of Darkness - 06 Cloud of Darkness (Set A) - 08BB22B0 Cloud of Darkness (Set B) - 08BB2376 Cloud of Darkness (Set C) - 08BB243C Cloud of Darkness (Set D) - 08BB2502 Cloud of Darkness (Set E) - 08BB25C8 Cecil - 07 Cecil (Set A) - 08BB2A28 Cecil (Set B) - 08BB2AEE Cecil (Set C) - 08BB2BB4 Cecil (Set D) - 08BB2C7A Cecil (Set E) - 08BB2D40 Kain - 18 Kain (Set A) - 08BBA1A8 Kain (Set B) - 08BBA26E Kain (Set C) - 08BBA334 Kain (Set D) - 08BBA3FA Kain (Set E) - 08BBA4C0 Golbez - 08 Golbez (Set A) - 08BB31A0 Golbez (Set B) - 08BB3266 Golbez (Set C) - 08BB332C Golbez (Set D) - 08BB33F2 Golbez (Set E) - 08BB34B8 Bartz - 09 Bartz (Set A) - 08BB3918 Bartz (Set B) - 08BB39DE Bartz (Set C) - 08BB3AA4 Bartz (Set D) - 08BB3B6A Bartz (Set E) - 08BB3C30 Exdeath - 0A Exdeath (Set A) - 08BB4090 Exdeath (Set B) - 08BB4156 Exdeath (Set C) - 08BB421C Exdeath (Set D) - 08BB42E2 Exdeath (Set E) - 08BB43A8 Gilgamesh - 19 Gilgamesh (Set A) - 08BBA920 Gilgamesh (Set B) - 08BBA9E6 Gilgamesh (Set C) - 08BBAAAC Gilgamesh (Set D) - 08BBAB72 Gilgamesh (Set E) - 08BBAC38 Terra - 0B Terra (Set A) - 08BB4808 Terra (Set B) - 08BB48CE Terra (Set C) - 08BB4994 Terra (Set D) - 08BB4A5A Terra (Set E) - 08BB4B20 Kefka - 0C Kefka (Set A) - 08BB4F80 Kefka (Set B) - 08BB5046 Kefka (Set C) - 08BB510C Kefka (Set D) - 08BB51D2 Kefka (Set E) - 08BB5298 Cloud - 0D Cloud (Set A) - 08BB56F8 Cloud (Set B) - 08BB57BE Cloud (Set C) - 08BB5884 Cloud (Set D) - 08BB594A Cloud (Set E) - 08BB5A10 Tifa - 1A Tifa (Set A) - 08BBB098 Tifa (Set B) - 08BBB15E Tifa (Set C) - 08BBB224 Tifa (Set D) - 08BBB2EA Tifa (Set E) - 08BBB3B0 Sephiroth - 0E Sephiroth (Set A) - 08BB5E70 Sephiroth (Set B) - 08BB5F36 Sephiroth (Set C) - 08BB5FFC Sephiroth (Set D) - 08BB60C2 Sephiroth (Set E) - 08BB6188 Squall - 0F Squall (Set A) - 08BB65E8 Squall (Set B) - 08BB66AE Squall (Set C) - 08BB6774 Squall (Set D) - 08BB683A Squall (Set E) - 08BB6900 Laguna - 1B Laguna (Set A) - 08BBB810 Laguna (Set B) - 08BBB8D6 Laguna (Set C) - 08BBB99C Laguna (Set D) - 08BBBA62 Laguna (Set E) - 08BBBB28 Ultimecia - 10 Ultimecia (Set A) - 08BB6D60 Ultimecia (Set B) - 08BB6E26 Ultimecia (Set C) - 08BB6EEC Ultimecia (Set D) - 08BB6FB2 Ultimecia (Set E) - 08BB7078 Zidane - 11 Zidane (Set A) - 08BB74D8 Zidane (Set B) - 08BB759E Zidane (Set C) - 08BB7664 Zidane (Set D) - 08BB772A Zidane (Set E) - 08BB77F0 Kuja - 12 Kuja (Set A) - 08BB7C50 Kuja (Set B) - 08BB7D16 Kuja (Set C) - 08BB7DDC Kuja (Set D) - 08BB7EA2 Kuja (Set E) - 08BB7F68 Tidus - 13 Tidus (Set A) - 08BB83C8 Tidus (Set B) - 08BB848E Tidus (Set C) - 08BB8554 Tidus (Set D) - 08BB861A Tidus (Set E) - 08BB86E0 Yuna - 1C Yuna (Set A) - 08BBBF88 Yuna (Set B) - 08BBC04E Yuna (Set C) - 08BBC114 Yuna (Set D) - 08BBC1DA Yuna (Set E) - 08BBC2A0 Jecht - 14 Jecht (Set A) - 08BB8B40 Jecht (Set B) - 08BB8C06 Jecht (Set C) - 08BB8CCC Jecht (Set D) - 08BB8D92 Jecht (Set E) - 08BB8E58 Shantotto - 15 Shantotto (Set A) - 08BB92B8 Shantotto (Set B) - 08BB937E Shantotto (Set C) - 08BB9444 Shantotto (Set D) - 08BB950A Shantotto (Set E) - 08BB95D0 Prishe - 1D Prishe (Set A) - 08BBC700 Prishe (Set B) - 08BBC7C6 Prishe (Set C) - 08BBC88C Prishe (Set D) - 08BBC952 Prishe (Set E) - 08BBCA18 Gabranth - 16 Gabranth (Set A) - 08BB9A30 Gabranth (Set B) - 08BB9AF6 Gabranth (Set C) - 08BB9BBC Gabranth (Set D) - 08BB9C82 Gabranth (Set E) - 08BB9D48 Vaan - 1E Vaan (Set A) - 08BBCE78 Vaan (Set B) - 08BBCF3E Vaan (Set C) - 08BBD004 Vaan (Set D) - 08BBD0CA Vaan (Set E) - 08BBD190 Lightning - 1F Lightning (Set A) - 08BBD5F0 Lightning (Set B) - 08BBD6B6 Lightning (Set C) - 08BBD77C Lightning (Set D) - 08BBD842 Lightning (Set E) - 08BBD908
  2. Guide to using the table I) Load the game, load your save file and go into the main menu. Do not enter any customization menus yet. II) Using the table below, find the character and set you want to equip the Exclusive on. As an example, i will choose Warrior of Light's Set C - And take note of the memory address (08BAFEC6). III) Now find the Hex value of the Exclusive you want to equip on your character and set previously chosen. As an exmaple, I will be using Garland's Exclusive, Gigant Axe - And take note of the hex value (6C01). IV) With PPSSPP open as the active window, type "Ctrl+M", A window should pop up named "memory viewer". V) In the goto field, type in the memory address of the Character Set you want to have the Exclusive weapon on and press Enter (In our example, it's Warrior of Light's Set C, so we type in "08BAFEC6" without parenthesis and press Enter). VI) Without clicking anywhere else, type in the hex value of the Exclusive weapon you want to equip (In our example, it's Garland's Gigant Axe, so we type in "6C01" without parenthesis). Once done, simply close the memory viewer, all changes will be saved automatically. VII) Check your equipment to confirm that the weapon is equipped successfully. Table of Character Set addresses and Exclusive weapon values Warrior of Light Barbarian Sword (ATK+68/DEF+10%/S.COUNTER ATK) - 6901 Set A - 08BAFD3A Set B - 08BAFE00 Set C - 08BAFEC6 Set D - 08BAFF8C Set E - 08BB0052 Garland Gigant Axe (BRV-70/ATK+70/EXF ABSORB+10%/S.ANTI EX) - 6C01 Set A - 08BB04B2 Set B - 08BB0578 Set C - 08BB063E Set D - 08BB0703 Set E - 08BB07CA Firion Wild Rose (HP-328/ATK+70/DEF-1/EXTRA HP TO BRV/S.COUNTER ATK) - 6F01 Set A - 08BB0C2A Set B - 08BB0CF0 Set C - 08BB0DB6 Set D - 08BB0E7C Set E - 08BB0F42 The Emperor Mateus's Malice (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX INTAKE+3M/S.ANTI EX) - 7201 Set A - 08BB13A2 Set B - 08BB1468 Set C - 08BB152E Set D - 08BB15F4 Set E - 08BB16BA Onion Knight Onion Sword (ATK+68/DMG+10%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 7501 Set A - 08BB1B1A Set B - 08BB1BE0 Set C - 08BB1CA2 Set D - 08BB1D6C Set E - 08BB1E32 Cloud of Darkness Everdark (BRV+39/ATK+67/BRV RECOV+100%/S.ANTI EX) - 7801 Set A - 08BB2292 Set B - 08BB2358 Set C - 08BB241E Set D - 08BB24E4 Set E - 08BB25AA Cecil Lightbringer (ATK+69/DEF-1/DEF+1 AS PALADIN/S.SNEAK ATK) - 7F01 Cimmerian Edge (ATK+69/DEF-1/ATK+1 AS DK/S.COUNTER ATK) - 8001 Set A - 08BB2A0A Set B - 08BB2AD0 Set C - 08BB2B96 Set D - 08BB2C5C Set E - 08BB2D22 Kain Highwind (HP-328/ATK+70/DEF-1/AST DURATION+30%/BTTW) - B501 Set A - 08BBA18A Set B - 08BBA250 Set C - 08BBA316 Set D - 08BBA3DC Set E - 08BBA4A2 Golbez Zeromus Shard (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/DMG+10%/BTTW) - 8301 Set A - 08BB3182 Set B - 08BB3248 Set C - 08BB330E Set D - 08BB33D4 Set E - 08BB349A Bartz Dorgann's Blade (ATK+68/REGEN+20%/CAT NIP) - 8601 Set A - 08BB38FA Set B - 08BB39C0 Set C - 08BB3A86 Set D - 08BB3B4C Set E - 08BB3C12 Exdeath Enuo's Scourge (BRV+39/ATK+67/BRV ON BLOCK+10%/RIPOSTE) - 8901 Set A - 08BB4072 Set B - 08BB4138 Set C - 08BB41FE Set D - 08BB42C4 Set E - 08BB438A Gilgamesh Yoshiyuki (BRV+39/ATK+68/DEF-1/EX FORCE+10%/RIPOSTE) - B801 Set A - 08BBA902 Set B - 08BBA9C8 Set C - 08BBAA8E Set D - 08BBAB54 Set E - 08BBAC1A Terra Maduin's Horn (BRV+39/ATK+67/PHYS DEF+20%/S.COUNTER ATK) - 8C01 Set A - 08BB47EA Set B - 08BB48B0 Set C - 08BB4976 Set D - 08BB4A3C Set E - 08BB4B02 Kefka Dancing Mad (BRV-40/ATK+68/DEF+1/INITIAL EX+20%/BTTW) - 8F01 Set A - 08BB4F62 Set B - 08BB5098 Set C - 08BB515E Set D - 08BB5224 Set E - 08BB52EA Cloud Fenrir (ATK+69/DEF-1/WR HP DMG+20%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 9301 Set A - 08BB56DA Set B - 08BB57A0 Set C - 08BB5866 Set D - 08BB592C Set E - 08BB59F2 Tifa Seventh Heaven (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/DMG+10%/S.SNEAK ATK) - BB01 Set A - 08BBB07A Set B - 08BBB140 Set C - 08BBB206 Set D - 08BBB2CC Set E - 08BBB392 Sephiroth One-Winged Angel (BRV+39/ATK+68/DEF-1/DMG+10%/S.ANTI EX) - 9601 Set A - 08BB5E52 Set B - 08BB5F18 Set C - 08BB5FDE Set D - 08BB60A4 Set E - 08BB616A Squall Lionheart (ATK+68/EX CORE+30%/S.SNEAK ATK) - 9A01 Set A - 08BB65CA Set B - 08BB6690 Set C - 08BB6756 Set D - 08BB681C Set E - 08BB68E2 Laguna Ragnarok Pistol (HP-328/BRV+79/ATK_68/DEF-1/PHYS DEF+20%/S.SNEAK ATK) - BE01 Set A - 08BBB7F2 Set B - 08BBB8B8 Set C - 08BBB97E Set D - 08BBBA44 Set E - 08BBBB0A Ultimecia Shooting Star (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX FORCE+10%/BTTW) - 9D01 Set A - 08BB6D42 Set B - 08BB6E08 Set C - 08BB6ECE Set D - 08BB6F94 Set E - 08BB705A Zidane Ozma's Splinter (ATK+67/DEF+1/BRV ON DODGE+8%/S.SNEAK ATK) - A001 Set A - 08BB74BA Set B - 08BB7580 Set C - 08BB7646 Set D - 08BB770C Set E - 08BB77D2 Kuja Terra's Legacy (HP+327/BRV-80/ATK+68/DEF+1/EX FORCE+10%/BTTW) - A301 Set A - 08BB7C32 Set B - 08BB7CF8 Set C - 08BB7DBE Set D - 08BB7E84 Set E - 08BB7F4A Tidus World Champion (BRV-40/ATK+70/DEF-1/BRV ON DODGE+8%/CAT NIP) - A701 Set A - 08BB83AA Set B - 08BB8470 Set C - 08BB8536 Set D - 08BB85FC Set E - 08BB86C2 Yuna Spira's Hope (BRV+39/ATK+67/EX INTAKE+3M/CAT NIP) - C101 Set A - 08BBBF6A Set B - 08BBC030 Set C - 08BBC0F6 Set D - 08BBC1BC Set E - 08BBC282 Jecht Sin's Fang (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/WR BRV +50%/S.SNEAK ATK) - AA01 Set A - 08BB8B22 Set B - 08BB8BE8 Set C - 08BB8CAE Set D - 08BB8D74 Set E - 08BB8E3A Shantotto Claustrum (BRV+39/ATK+67/INIT BRV+40%/CAT NIP) - AD01 Set A - 08BB929A Set B - 08BB9360 Set C - 08BB9426 Set D - 08BB94EC Set E - 08BB95B2 Prishe Glanzfaust (HP-595/BRV+79/ATK+68/AST DURATION+30%/S.COUNTER ATK) - C401 Set A - 08BBC6E2 Set B - 08BBC7A8 Set C - 08BBC86E Set D - 08BBC934 Set E - 08BBC9FA Vaan Zodiac Blade (ATK+68/EX CORE+30%/RIPOSTE) - C701 Set A - 08BBCE5A Set B - 08BBCF20 Set C - 08BBCFE6 Set D - 08BBD0AC Set E - 08BBD172 Gabranth Chaos Blade (ATK+68/EX MODE+20%/S.COUNTER ATK) - B001 Set A - 08BB9A12 Set B - 08BB9AD8 Set C - 08BB9B9E Set D - 08BB9C64 Set E - 08BB9D2A Lightning Zantetsuken (ATK+68/DEF+10%/RIPOSTE) - CB01 Odin Blade (ATK+68/FAD Boost/BTTW) - CF01 Set A - 08BBD5D2 Set B - 08BBD698 Set C - 08BBD75E Set D - 08BBD824 Set E - 08BBD8EA
  3. TheEmden

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LBR6: TheEmden vs BB|akklite M1: TheEmden (Prishe) vs BB|akklite (Prishe) - World of Darkness - TheEmden (1-0) M2: TheEmden (Exdeath) vs BB|akklite (Zidane) - Orphan's Cradle - TheEmden (2-0) TheEmden wins 2-0
  4. TheEmden

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LBR4: TheEmden vs RDF M1: TheEmden (Prishe) vs RDF (Sephiroth) - Order's Sanctuary - TheEmden (1-0) M2: TheEmden (Prishe) vs RDF (Gabranth) - Orphan's Cradle - TheEmden (2-0) TheEmden wins 2-0
  5. TheEmden

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 1 Match 1: TheEmden (Firion) vs. Levi (Kain) - Edge of Madness - TheEmden 1-0 Match 2: TheEmden (Yuna) vs. Levi (Kain) - Order's Sanctuary - TheEmden 2-0
  6. Before I start I just want to give a short write-up on how I actually went about creating this list. I used the old 2011 tier list as a base and went around asking different players about their thoughts on the tier placements of characters they played. It took over 2 months of data collection, designing and post creation data analysis to create the list and even though you may not agree with everything on it, I hope it will make for a good and interesting read nonetheless. Special thanks to @Wheelz, @Ultimaweapon2000 and @Irae for their significant contributions to the list and to Djqubi, Mericus, Danned, Muggshotter, END, Megalodon, Monxstar, LXD, RDF, Advent EVA and many others for their minor, yet still valued inputs. Firstly, the Raw Matchup Tier list: Next, the Weighted Tier List: Now I’m sure many people are going to be asking "What is the weighted tier list?" Well, the weighted tier list uses the values of the raw matchup tier list and gives an adjusted value to each MU based on how good the opponent character is as well as how heavily they win or lose the matchup. For example, having a 6-4 matchup vs Ultimecia will be be "worth" more points in this tier list than having a 8-2 matchup versus Bartz. The reverse is also true; losing 3-7 to Ultimecia will "cost" a character more points than losing 3-7 to Cloud. In many ways, this is what I would consider the "correct" average tier list placements for all Dissidia 012 characters. Next, the Blind Pick Safety index: What this conveys is how likely and how easily it will be to be caught in a significantly unfavourable MU when picking this character in a blind pick scenario. The lower the value, the less likely you are to face an unfavourable matchup. The values here are not absolute values with any true meaning, they are, however, relative values that can be used to compare between two characters. (I.e. Firion is significantly safer than Kefka, Garland is Significantly safer than Terra) Next, the Character Counterpick Potential: This is meant to show the opposite of what the Blind pick Safety index shows, Instead of conveying how easy it is to end up with an unfavourable matchup by picking a character, this shows how easy and likely it is to end up with a favourable matchup when picking the character in a blind pick scenario. The values here are much easier to use and compare compared to the Blind Pick Safety numbers, since for this index, we have a baseline value of 0 for CoD, Bartz and Laguna (because they have no favourable matchups lmao). A simpler way to interpret this list is, the higher the character, the greater their viability as a counterpick character in general. Finally, the Character Matchup Standard Deviation: This table shows the average matchup as well as the standard deviation of the matchups per character, sorted by lowest standard deviation first. What this is meant to show is how reliably and consistently a character can be expected to perform when picked. A character with low standard deviation will perform close to what their average matchup is, regardless of the opponent they face. While a character with high standard deviation have wildly variable MUs and tend to either win, or lose matchups by a wide margin. Another way to view this data is as a "Main" viability index. Basically, the lower the standard deviation and the higher the average matchup values, the less likely you are to have a need for "Sub" characters to cover your main. (So Tifa, Prishe, Gilgamesh, Lightning and Vaan are the best Mains to have, while Emperor, Gabranth and Exdeath are the worst to have, in terms of consistency vs the whole cast) I hope that this was an interesting and fruitful read that maybe showed you something you didn't previously know or expect. Feel free to discuss anything about the data above or just post any random thoughts or comments below.
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    sleight's vids

    Where do you and kin get your games from? Never see you on discord and i'm feeling left out here...
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    sleight's vids

    WTF, You're still active??? Why don't you come on Discord so we can play???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. Download link: https://tinyurl.com/y7a9lauo Please post here or PM me if you have any questions or issues, alternatively, you may also contact me via the Discord server.
  10. Sorry uw, but i gotta go with muggs, i need to know that you can bleed like the rest of us mortals!
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    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: TheEmden IG Name: TheEmden Timezone: GMT+8
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    Music Mod | I require troubleshooting

    Hey buddy, i keep missing you on discord so i'll just guide you on how to replace DLC music files here. First (This has to be the first thing you do), you will need to download and install the .at3 codec, which can be found here: http://www.free-codecs.com/sony_atrac3_audio_codec_download.htm Once that is done, you need to download and install Goldwave (trial version, or buy the paid version if you want). You can find it by googling pretty easily Now all you have to do is Edit the song however you want (If needed) in Goldwave and then save it as a .wav file with ATRAC3 132kbps in the attributes drop down box. (If you didn't do point 1 first, you can't do this) You will then need to download this program (GWAT3): http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=21988297122730264040 Open GWAT3, then drag and drop your .wav Atrac3 132kbps music file into the GWAT3 field and click "goldwave". Just a note, it will only accept a .wav ATRAC3 132kbps file from Goldwave, otherwise it gives an error. Rename the music file that comes out to whatever DLC music you want to replace (Almost full list below). Just a note, you must rename the file extension as well (i.e. Music.at3 must be renamed to just 4bb1f666.edat, and not 4bb1f666.edat.at3) Go to where your PPSSPP is installed, then click on: memstick>PSP>GAME>ULUS10566 and drag and drop your renamed and edited music file, it should prompt you if you want to replace a file if done correctly. Simply confirm the replacement and you are done :) If at any point you get stuck or something isn't working as it should, Just PM me here or on the Discord server and i'll try to get back to you ASAP, good luck with modding! FULL DLC MUSIC LIST (Except FFXI) 4bb1f666.edat (Airship - I) 8c0b30f1.edat (Chaos Shrine - I) 9af6a7e2.edat (Cornelia Castle - I) 29b6d521.edat (Menu Screen - I) da12e97d.edat (Battle - I) e61c17e1.edat (Revival - II) 535737ea.edat (The Princess' Seduction - II) 399f5659.edat (Tower of the Magi - II) 833b6402.edat (Good ol' Fellows - III) b9144d3a.edat (Forbidden Land - III) 0b2cc72d.edat (Boundless Ocean - III) 51c67fa1.edat (Within the Giant - IV) 51f40b08.edat (Golbez, Clad in Dark - IV) 48584508.edat (Final Battle - IV) ffa458be.edat (Evil Lord Exdeath - V) 2c68d3d6.edat (The Dawn Warriors - V) 233ba221.edat (Boss Battle - V) 1fcd6bfc.edat (Magitek Research Facility - VI) 2776e731.edat (Protect the Espers! - VI) 0629d3b1.edat (Phantom Train - VI) 529f7dea.edat (Electric De Chocobo - VII) e625b3fd.edat (Birth of a God - VII) a79ab68e.edat (Crazy Motorcycle - VII) 642fd7c0.edat (Shuffle or Boogie - VIII) fd1674ca.edat (The Landing - VIII) 72c23681.edat (Liberi Fatali - VIII) 2ec89b87.edat (Rose of May - IX) 3e841330.edat (Swords of Fury - IX) 603c36a9.edat (Hunter's Chance - IX) bc44fb24.edat (Assault - X) 2f356e6c.edat (Decisive Battle - X) ec94cb0e.edat (Enemy Attack - X) c2f19ff4.edat (Flash of Steel - XII) 6cb07cc9.edat (Discord - XII) dd599254.edat (Respite - XII) 7a021167.edat (Eidolons - XIII) 63bec712.edat (Chocobos of Cocoon - XIII) 3f2954c7.edat (Eden Under Siege - XIII) 32c58d60.edat (Dust to Dust - XIII) 0f065616.edat (Fighting Fate - XIII)
  13. TheEmden

    In-depth dash mechanics (DDFF)

    I initially researched and posted this in DF, but since the site is down and there are many new players who would benefit from this info, i decided to post this here aswell. Dash Mechanics (General) -A dash of the same type has the same maximum travel distance regardless of the character used when Free Air Dash Boost is NOT equipped. (Tifa's Free Air Dash has the same maximum travel distance as Exdeath's Free Air Dash) -Free Air Dash Boost does not affect the maximum time of a full dash. (it increases speed and distance of a full dash by the same amount, so total time is unchanged) -Free Air Dash Boost gives a flat 16% speed boost (and based on the point above, also a 16% distance boost) to Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash and Reverse Ground Dash. -Free Air Dash Boost has absolutely no effect on Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash. -Air Dash Boost had no effect on Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash, Reverse Ground Dash, Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash. -The speed of the Omni Ground Dash of a character is 8% slower (therefore it also has 8% less maximum travel distance) than the rest of the character's dashes. This is probably a bug in the coding. -The speed of a character's Free Air Dash, Reverse Free Air Dash, Ground Dash, Reverse Ground Dash, Omni Air Dash and Omni Air Dash + is identical when Free Air Dash Boost is NOT equipped. -The Free Air Dash Boost from Lightning's exclusive weapon, Odin Blade, will not stack with the regular Free Air Dash Boost from her abilities. Equipping both or either will give the exact same boost of 16%. Dash Mechanics (Regarding assist build) -Free Air Dash Boost does NOT increase the amount of assist gained when Dash Feinting -All the different types of dashes that can build assist will build up assist at the same rate when Dash Feinting (1 point of AST for every active dash frame, with 500 AST points being 1 bar and 1000 AST points being 2 bars.). -Dashing while not locked onto your opponent builds no assist even if you have "Assist Gauge Up Dash" and a compatible dash equipped. -Omni Air Dash, Omni Air Dash + and Omni Ground Dash cannot build up assist at all. -Reverse Air Dash, Reverse Ground Dash and Reverse Free Air Dash CAN build assist as long as either Air Dash, Free Air Dash or Ground Dash is equipped on the same set as well and you are locked on to your opponent. -Air Dash, Free Air Dash and Ground Dash will always build assist as long as you are locked onto your opponent. -The amount of assist built up by using Assist Gauge Up Dash while dashing is uniform (you build the same amount of assist per frame at the start of a dash and at the end of dash). Active dash frames in a full dash (Assuming 60 FPS) (Free Air Dash/Reverse Free Air Dash & Omni Air Dash/+) (78F) EX Tidus (82F) Onion Knight, Tifa, EX Prishe (86F) Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, EX Gabranth, Lightning (90F) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos (94F) Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil DK, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna (98F) CoD, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth (102F) Exdeath (Ground Dash/Reverse Ground Dash & Omni Ground Dash/+) (90F) EX Tidus (94F) Onion Knight, Tifa, EX Prishe (98F) Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, EX Gabranth, Lightning (102F) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos (106F) Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil DK, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna (110F) CoD, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth (114F) Exdeath Note that active dash frames are the amount of frames the game "thinks" you are dashing (you will build assist, despite not actually moving), not the actual time in motion during a dash. The first ~13 frames where you are stationary while starting up a dash ARE considered as active dash frames by the game. Conversely, there are ~12 frames after becoming stationary upon ending a ground dash that ARE also considered as active dash frames by the game.
  14. TheEmden

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Losers Round 2 Match 1: TheEmden (Exdeath) vs Ehx (EhxDeath) - Sky Fortress Bahamut - Ehx Match 2: TheEmden (Firion) vs. Ehx (EhxDeath) - Top Floor - TheEmdenMatch 3: TheEmden (Prishe) vs. Ehx (Zidane) - Old Chaos Shrine - TheEmden Winner: TheEmden (2-1)
  15. TheEmden

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Losers Round 1 Match 1: TheEmden (Firion) vs. Nerisaga (Squall) - Empyreal Paradox - TheEmdenMatch 2: TheEmden (Prishe) vs. Nerisaga (Squall) - Order's Sanctuary - TheEmden Winner: TheEmden (2-0)

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