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Dissidia 012 Community Tier List (and analysis)

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Before I start I just want to give a short write-up on how I actually went about creating this list. I used the old 2011 tier list as a base and went around asking different players about their thoughts on the tier placements of characters they played. It took over 2 months of data collection, designing and post creation data analysis to create the list and even though you may not agree with everything on it, I hope it will make for a good and interesting read nonetheless.

Special thanks to @Wheelz, @Ultimaweapon2000 and @Irae for their significant contributions to the list and to Djqubi, Mericus, Danned, Muggshotter, END, Megalodon, Monxstar, LXD, RDF, Advent EVA and many others for their minor, yet still valued inputs.

Firstly, the Raw Matchup Tier list:

Next, the Weighted Tier List:

Now I’m sure many people are going to be asking "What is the weighted tier list?" Well, the weighted tier list uses the values of the raw matchup tier list and gives an adjusted value to each MU based on how good the opponent character is as well as how heavily they win or lose the matchup. For example, having a 6-4 matchup vs Ultimecia will be be "worth" more points in this tier list than having a 8-2 matchup versus Bartz. The reverse is also true; losing 3-7 to Ultimecia will "cost" a character more points than losing 3-7 to Cloud.

In many ways, this is what I would consider the "correct" average tier list placements for all Dissidia 012 characters.

Next, the Blind Pick Safety index:

What this conveys is how likely and how easily it will be to be caught in a significantly unfavourable MU when picking this character in a blind pick scenario. The lower the value, the less likely you are to face an unfavourable matchup.

The values here are not absolute values with any true meaning, they are, however, relative values that can be used to compare between two characters. (I.e. Firion is significantly safer than Kefka, Garland is Significantly safer than Terra)

Next, the Character Counterpick Potential:

This is meant to show the opposite of what the Blind pick Safety index shows, Instead of conveying how easy it is to end up with an unfavourable matchup by picking a character, this shows how easy and likely it is to end up with a favourable matchup when picking the character in a blind pick scenario.

The values here are much easier to use and compare compared to the Blind Pick Safety numbers, since for this index, we have a baseline value of 0 for CoD, Bartz and Laguna (because they have no favourable matchups lmao). A simpler way to interpret this list is, the higher the character, the greater their viability as a counterpick character in general.

Finally, the Character Matchup Standard Deviation:

This table shows the average matchup as well as the standard deviation of the matchups per character, sorted by lowest standard deviation first.
What this is meant to show is how reliably and consistently a character can be expected to perform when picked. A character with low standard deviation will perform close to what their average matchup is, regardless of the opponent they face.
While a character with high standard deviation have wildly variable MUs and tend to either win, or lose matchups by a wide margin.

Another way to view this data is as a "Main" viability index. Basically, the lower the standard deviation and the higher the average matchup values, the less likely you are to have a need for "Sub" characters to cover your main. (So Tifa, Prishe, Gilgamesh, Lightning and Vaan are the best Mains to have, while Emperor, Gabranth and Exdeath are the worst to have, in terms of consistency vs the whole cast)


I hope that this was an interesting and fruitful read that maybe showed you something you didn't previously know or expect. Feel free to discuss anything about the data above or just post any random thoughts or comments below.

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