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[DDFF] Assist & EX-Burst Damage Table

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-Credit to Balguna for testing and posting the original posts on dissidiaforum-


Assist Damage 

Numbers in [brackets] are possible added numbers due to distance. For example, Cecil's ground assist does more damage when he's closer to the opponent. Numbers in (brackets) means the attack usually involves multiple projectiles. For example, Firion's Fire can hit up to 3 times.

Gilgamesh has a 50-50 chance of being either Excalibur or Excalipoor.



EX-Burst Damage

All characters were at level 100 and gearless, and performed a Perfect EX Burst against a level 100 Tidus with no gear and accessories (110 Base Def), and EX Defense Omega. All the tests were done on Order's Sanctuary, with a flat BRV pool of 1399. If the EX Burst broke the opponent, the BRV pool was simply subtracted from the final damage. And the opposing Tidus wasn't allowed to build too high a BRV so the multiplier of the criticals wouldn't play a factor (they'd all do x2 damage).

Some rough notes for individual results:

1. Tidus and Cloud have 2 sets of data. One for at Full HP (when their Burst is most powerful) and one at 1 HP (when the Burst is weakest)

2. Tifa similarily has 2 sets, one for at maximum EX gauge (or pretty much as close as you can get), the other when the gauge is empty.

3. Lightning has 2 sets as well, one for the Rav/Medic role, and one for the Commando Role, where she gains +1 ATK. The main thing to note about Lightning's EX Burst is that it will automatically Break the opponent if they're under 30% of their BRV, which adds to the overall damage done. The figure shows the damage if the opponent is already broken. Irregardless, it does show what a big difference +1 ATK can make.

4. Cecil's was done without the Shadowbringer or Luminous Shard abilities equipped. If they were to be equipped, note that due to the higher weightage on the DK portion of the attack, Shadowbringer will actually buff the overall damage, while Luminous Shard will weaken it. The difference won't be too notable unless you're doing 3 stacks, anyway. Similiarly, equipping the Cimmerian Edge will enhance the Burst even furthur because of the additional bonus during the DK portion of the attack.

5. Feral Chaos. The big question mark in the whole table. There are a few things to note about Regnum Dei:
a. EX Defense isn't applied during Regnum Dei.
b. The figure shown here is the MINIMUM damage possible from Regnum Dei, that is, activing the R+[] portion immediately after Feral Chaos initiates the EX Burst. The damage can easily go higher... unless the opponent breaks Feral Chaos, of course.

That said, here's the damage chart:


Some idle observations:

1. Gilgamesh is beast.
2. Exdeath got majorly nerfed, Jecht and Kefka were supremely buffed, Bartz got a slight boost, and CoD and Ultimecia took some hits.
3. Among the new characters, Laguna and Lightning are big hitters, and Kain and Yuna are both also strong. Vaan and Prishe are disappointments.
4. Squall now has the indignity of having the weakest EX Burst barring the fluctating 3.
5. Feral Chaos has some crazy power. Even without any additional commands he beats Prishe, CoD, Vaan, Zidane, Kuja, OK and Squall. Granted, he gets to ignore the +10 DEF... but still.

After further testing.

So, here's a table to show the absolute strength of EX Bursts assuming everyone has the SAME Atk. I used the accessory that gave everyone 55 ATK (and gave the test Tidus the one for 55 DEF).

One thing to note is that using that accessory at level 100 nullifies any changes to ATK as a result of EX Mode. So Lightning has the same damage for all 3 paradigms, Cecil doesn't get bonus damage in DK, and Gabranth and Feral Chaos don't get their bonus ATK from EX Mode.


As you can see, some characters fared pretty badly on the first table not because their EX Bursts were weak, but because of their low base ATK. Check out OK and Zidane. Jecht, on the other hand, fell right where he was in DFF since he doesn't have his high base ATK to rely on anymore.

Gabranth's EX Burst seems very weak, due to its low initial damage. In an actual fight though his 4ATK bonus would kick in, making it much stronger in practice.

The top of the table seems a little screwy, which leads me to the conclusion that strong, few hits are better than multiple weak ones. Laguna has the highest inital attack power of any EX Burst, not counting Gilgamesh and the three variables (Cloud, Tifa, Tidus), but his multiple bursts of weak hits cause him to fall behind Terra and Kain, who rely on few, large chunky hits. This can also actually be seen in the first table- Onion Knight (Sage) is stronger than Onion Knight (Ninja), despite having the same power in their attacks. This is because the large hit from Holy has a better return than the multiple Shuriken.


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