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[DDFF] Basic EX-Revange Information

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-Credit to Balguna, TKG and artykun for testing and sharing info in the original thread on dissidiaforums-


Here's what I've gathered about EX Revenge so far. Most of it is common knowledge, but there are still a few bits I'd probably like to test out more.

  • EX Revenge lasts approximately 6 seconds (300F), before any modifications via equipment or accessories.
  • The only way for an opponent to escape EX Revenge is using their own EX Bar, or an Assist.
  • EX Revenge ends when the duration expires, or when the opponent recieves HP damage.
  • When EXR is activated, opponent is put into a stagger state. If he is not hit and does not touch the floor, this state will go on until EXR ends.
  • If EXR you end EXR while the opponent is still staggered by not hitting them, he will remain staggered for the normal amount of frames even after it ends. This is useful for Gabranth's EX Charge
  • If the opponent tries to EX at this time, he will end up activating EX Mode and ending EXR instead of activating EXR of his own. However he will still be staggered and unable to counter. Any Assists that would be attacking remain on the battlefield and can potentially EX Break them in their staggered state.
  • If the opponent lands, he will be put into lading lag and then in a neutral state. He cannot assist change in this neutral state.
  • However you must hit them at least once so they can fall to the ground. Characters do not fall while staggered.

When EXR ends, if the opponent is not wall rushed and is flying from an attack's knockback, he will remain stunned for a while and fly in normal speed (non EXR). This is most noticeable with Tidus' Hotstep->Jecht Shot as an ender.

While in EX Revenge:

  • Knockback from attacks are greatly reduced.
  • Opponents may be rushed into walls, but there are no invincibility frames.
  • Any Assists out on the battlefield when EX Revenge is activated disappear. They do not come back when EX Revenge ends.
  • Attacks have no cooldown. They still have their standard startup frames and attack animations.
  • Assists and Summons may ba called in EX Mode.
  • Banish traps work as per normal.
  • Countdown towards summons will be temporarily halted.
  • The stage BRV pool will not be reset. This is generally only important when using the Calcabrina summon. The only way to raise stage BRV is via banish traps, Brynhildr or the Omega Stage effects below. Order's Sanctuary Omega works as per normal.
  • Attacks do not generate EX Force, and any EX Force already on the stage disappears temporarily. The only way to raise the EX gauge is via Gabranth's EX Charge. EX Cores remain on the battlefield.
  • Any projectiles on the opponent's side (Bio, Flare) disappear. Any on the activator's side remain, and move at normal speed. Note that they do not have to be created by the activator. For example, if someone reflects an opponent's Watera and then enters EX Revenge, the Watera will remain.
  • Any negative effects on the activator, such as Bio and Sticky Bomb, disappear. Those on the affected remain, and continue their countdown/damage.
  • Opponent's EX Gauge freezes temporarily. They may still be EX Broken and may be depleted via assists. There is no Assist gauge decay, but it does not reset.
  • Stage elements may still be destroyed.

Omega Stage effects:

  • Old Chaos Shrine: Stage does not take Brv from the players.
  • Pandaemonium: No more spikes pop up, but any that are out when EXR is activated finish their animation, but very slowly. If you touch them, EXR ends.
  • World of Darkness: Stage does not change, even if EXR is activated right before it changes, the stage waits until EXR ends. Stage Brv rises very slowly on the second and third stage forms.
  • Lunar Subterrane: Stage Brv still rises as objects are destroyed, but at a much slower rate.
  • The Rift: Entire Stage freezes, Stage Brv does not rise and no parts of the stage change position until after EXR ends. If EXR is activated while a part of the stage is moving, that part will remain textureless but solid until EXR ends.
  • Kefka's Tower: Wall rushing the opponent on the lower part of the stage will still take their Brv and make them bounce away, but the reduced knockback still applies here, so EXR combos can still be continued. Breaking objects in EXR will still add to the Stage Brv as well.
  • Planet's Core: Stage will not change during EXR, Stage Brv rises at normal speed during EXR.
  • Ultimecia's Castle: I couldn't really tell if TC can start or end during EXR, but I assume it can't. During TC, Stage Brv acts exactly the same as it does out of EXR, but broken objects will not repair themselves (or at least, none did in the 3 times I activated EXR). Touching a Gear during TC will end EXR.
  • Crystal World: No crystals will appear during EXR, thus the Stage Brv will not rise.
  • Dream's End: No changes.
  • Order's Sanctuary: No changes.
  • Edge of Madness: The speed at which the Stage Brv changes is reduced, but It can still change quite fast.
  • Empyreal Paradox: Brv is drained much slower.
  • Sky Fortress Bahamut: Stage Brv rises much slower when standing on the ground.
  • Orphan's Cradle: Platforms can still move, but extremely slowly.
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